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PCMCIA Card Services for Linux
This package provides the PCMCIA card manager daemon that can respond
to card insertion and removal events, loading and unloading drivers
on demand. PCMCIA cards are commonly used in laptops to provide
expanded capabilities such as network connections, modems, increased
memory, etc.
To use PCMCIA you need to have kernel modules available to support
it. These are included in the stock Debian 2.6 kernel
packages. However, if you have a 2.4 kernel, you need to have a
kernel-pcmcia-modules- package installed as well. There are
also pcmcia-modules- packages which include the stand-alone
kernel modules supplied by pcmcia-cs, but their use is deprecated.
It is strongly recommended that you have the hotplug package
installed in conjuction with pcmcia-cs. hotplug is the standard way
to configure PCMCIA network interfaces, and is required to be able to
use Cardbus (32-bit) cards. Furthermore, the wireless-tools package
is required by many wireless network adapters.
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