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 * Definitions for bulk memory services
 * bulkmem.h 1.13 2001/08/24 12:16:12
 * The contents of this file are subject to the Mozilla Public License
 * Version 1.1 (the "License"); you may not use this file except in
 * compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License
 * at http://www.mozilla.org/MPL/
 * Software distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS"
 * basis, WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See
 * the License for the specific language governing rights and
 * limitations under the License. 
 * The initial developer of the original code is David A. Hinds
 * <dahinds@users.sourceforge.net>.  Portions created by David A. Hinds
 * are Copyright (C) 1999 David A. Hinds.  All Rights Reserved.
 * Alternatively, the contents of this file may be used under the
 * terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 (the "GPL"), in
 * which case the provisions of the GPL are applicable instead of the
 * above.  If you wish to allow the use of your version of this file
 * only under the terms of the GPL and not to allow others to use
 * your version of this file under the MPL, indicate your decision by
 * deleting the provisions above and replace them with the notice and
 * other provisions required by the GPL.  If you do not delete the
 * provisions above, a recipient may use your version of this file
 * under either the MPL or the GPL.
 * bulkmem.h 1.3 1995/05/27 04:49:49


/* For GetFirstRegion and GetNextRegion */
typedef struct region_info_t {
    u_int         Attributes;
    u_int         CardOffset;
    u_int         RegionSize;
    u_int         AccessSpeed;
    u_int         BlockSize;
    u_int         PartMultiple;
    u_char        JedecMfr, JedecInfo;
    memory_handle_t     next;
} region_info_t;

#define REGION_TYPE           0x0001
#define REGION_TYPE_CM        0x0000
#define REGION_TYPE_AM        0x0001
#define REGION_PREFETCH       0x0008
#define REGION_CACHEABLE      0x0010
#define REGION_BAR_MASK       0xe000
#define REGION_BAR_SHIFT      13

/* For OpenMemory */
typedef struct open_mem_t {
    u_int         Attributes;
    u_int         Offset;
} open_mem_t;

/* Attributes for OpenMemory */
#define MEMORY_TYPE           0x0001
#define MEMORY_TYPE_CM        0x0000
#define MEMORY_TYPE_AM        0x0001
#define MEMORY_EXCLUSIVE      0x0002
#define MEMORY_PREFETCH       0x0008
#define MEMORY_CACHEABLE      0x0010
#define MEMORY_BAR_MASK       0xe000
#define MEMORY_BAR_SHIFT      13

typedef struct eraseq_entry_t {
    memory_handle_t     Handle;
    u_char        State;
    u_int         Size;
    u_int         Offset;
    void          *Optional;
} eraseq_entry_t;

typedef struct eraseq_hdr_t {
    int                 QueueEntryCnt;
    eraseq_entry_t      *QueueEntryArray;
} eraseq_hdr_t;

#define ERASE_QUEUED          0x00
#define ERASE_IN_PROGRESS(n)  (((n) > 0) && ((n) < 0x80))
#define ERASE_IDLE            0xff
#define ERASE_PASSED          0xe0
#define ERASE_FAILED          0xe1

#define ERASE_MISSING         0x80
#define ERASE_MEDIA_WRPROT    0x84
#define ERASE_NOT_ERASABLE    0x85
#define ERASE_BAD_OFFSET      0xc1
#define ERASE_BAD_TECH        0xc2
#define ERASE_BAD_SOCKET      0xc3
#define ERASE_BAD_VCC         0xc4
#define ERASE_BAD_VPP         0xc5
#define ERASE_BAD_SIZE        0xc6

/* For CopyMemory */
typedef struct copy_op_t {
    u_int         Attributes;
    u_int         SourceOffset;
    u_int         DestOffset;
    u_int         Count;
} copy_op_t;

/* For ReadMemory and WriteMemory */
typedef struct mem_op_t {
    u_int   Attributes;
    u_int   Offset;
    u_int   Count;
} mem_op_t;

#define MEM_OP_BUFFER         0x01
#define MEM_OP_BUFFER_USER    0x00
#define MEM_OP_BUFFER_KERNEL  0x01
#define MEM_OP_DISABLE_ERASE  0x02
#define MEM_OP_VERIFY         0x04

/* For RegisterMTD */
typedef struct mtd_reg_t {
    u_int   Attributes;
    u_int   Offset;
    u_long  MediaID;
} mtd_reg_t;

 *  Definitions for MTD requests

typedef struct mtd_request_t {
    u_int   SrcCardOffset;
    u_int   DestCardOffset;
    u_int   TransferLength;
    u_int   Function;
    u_long  MediaID;
    u_int   Status;
    u_int   Timeout;
} mtd_request_t;

/* Fields in MTD Function */
#define MTD_REQ_ACTION        0x003
#define MTD_REQ_ERASE         0x000
#define MTD_REQ_READ          0x001
#define MTD_REQ_WRITE         0x002
#define MTD_REQ_COPY          0x003
#define MTD_REQ_NOERASE       0x004
#define MTD_REQ_VERIFY        0x008
#define MTD_REQ_READY         0x010
#define MTD_REQ_TIMEOUT       0x020
#define MTD_REQ_LAST          0x040
#define MTD_REQ_FIRST         0x080
#define MTD_REQ_KERNEL        0x100

/* Status codes */
#define MTD_WAITREQ     0x00
#define MTD_WAITTIMER   0x01
#define MTD_WAITRDY     0x02
#define MTD_WAITPOWER   0x03

 *  Definitions for MTD helper functions

/* For MTDModifyWindow */
typedef struct mtd_mod_win_t {
    u_int   Attributes;
    u_int   AccessSpeed;
    u_int   CardOffset;
} mtd_mod_win_t;

/* For MTDSetVpp */
typedef struct mtd_vpp_req_t {
    u_char  Vpp1, Vpp2;
} mtd_vpp_req_t;

/* For MTDRDYMask */
typedef struct mtd_rdy_req_t {
    u_int   Mask;
} mtd_rdy_req_t;

enum mtd_helper {
    MTDRequestWindow, MTDModifyWindow, MTDReleaseWindow,
    MTDSetVpp, MTDRDYMask

extern int MTDHelperEntry(int func, void *a1, void *a2);
extern int MTDHelperEntry(int func, ...);

#endif /* _LINUX_BULKMEM_H */

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